Monday, 1 December 2008

Coffee and Tea

I find it hard to grasp simple concepts and when I get nervous my hearing goes completely and I become tone deaf which is quite an inconvenience on a first day of a new job or at the cheese counter in Sainsbury’s.
I like listening to love song ballads when I’m cooking as I think it makes the food taste nicer. I’m not a fan of these new over sized buggies and when I see a really ridiculously sized one, it makes me angry for up to a week later. When I see a young family with a traditional pram I feel I want to congratulate them.

Other things that make me angry are people that stroll in a tube station, slow bus drivers, (bus drivers generally), bad manners, the HSBC bank, call centres, the television programme “Through The Key Hole” and people who wait till the end of a cloak room line cue to disrobe.

Things that make me happy are finding money, Murder She Wrote, waking up on Saturdays, and people tripping over in the street.

I have a fear of answering the telephone as I always think it is going to be bad news. Most days when returning home I am always slightly apprehensive, because I fear my rented house will have burnt down and it will some how be my fault, I often plan on the bus home what I will do when this inevitable situation happens, it involves a haircut a new name and a stint in the army.

In the morning I prefer tea rather than coffee as I like to be teased awake rather than slapped. I am still dreading January and it is April already were does the time go? I have been making many decisions about my costume lately and it is shorts and long socks I shall be wearing what ever the weather, I do sometimes catch a glimpse of myself and fear I have lost touch altogether with the outside world.

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